Thursday, 1 August 2013

Into the sun, part two

Oops. Not being very efficient at this whole blogging thing, am I? It's been almost an entire month since my last post. Sorry, day job got a little crazy.


As I mentioned in my last post, when it came to our outdoor space, despite our monumental weekend of potting, painting and scrubbing, we still had much to do on our smaller terrace, the main thing being getting rid of the old rusty fireplace, unused shower panel and all manner of detritus that was cluttering up the space.

Once again, we fell on the mercy of our lovely friend Owen and his giant tank of a people carrier so that we could finally get rid of all of the things that needed to go. A quick google and we found out that there's a Reuse & Recycle centre less than two miles from us, so rather than everything going to landfill and us feeling guilty, it could all be, um, reused and recycled. The shower panel itself weighed in the region of 30kg so I got out of the way, stood on the stairs and snapped photos of the removal process:

In the process of getting rid of everything, we made the discovery that our resident pigeons, angry at the fact that we've closed off their Pigeon Hotel roost, had taken to laying eggs wherever they could - under the tarp that covered the bikes and shower panel, on top of a left over bit of turf and so on. I mean, seriously, worst nest ever?:

Anyway, with pigeon eggs and shower panels vacated, a quick scrub of the tiles and some rearranging meant we were good to go for a day of lounging on the terrace.

We had loungers from our old house which was handy as the second the sun comes out, everything sells out in Homebase. I picked up the outdoor rug the weekend before when I'd popped into a random TK Maxx while I was running errands in Greenford and spotted it in the clearance section for a bargainous £7. I'd been looking for a nice one for a while and it seems that the idea hasn't really taken off in the UK as such.

My obsession with outdoor rugs led to endless googling that always clicked through to American sites or the big blue behemoth, whose contribution to the outdoor rug market was frankly not that exciting. You might be wondering why on earth I wanted an outdoor rug in the first place. Simply, the tiles heat up massively so walking barefoot isn't all that pleasant and secondly, well, they just look nice. Plus, this one is reversible so depending on my mood, it can either be more pink or yellow.

On my TK Maxx adventures I also picked up some awesome plastic plates, perfect for outdoor dining without the worry of stuff breaking. I paid £2.99 for this pink version and £3.99 for a larger light green one.

Now, fingers crossed for another sunny weekend!

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