Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The never ending move

Apologies for the radio silence, blogging is somewhat difficult when you don't have an internet connection but you do have a gas leak, as we found out two days before we were due to move in. Cue panic, no hot water and lots of men in hi-vis vests digging up the pavement outside our building and feeding spray glue through the pipes in hopes that they wouldn't have to rip out our fresh walls to replace the entire building's pipes, which was a distinct and rather scary possibility.

We started moving in last Saturday and it feels like we haven't stopped since. For the initial lugging of the kitchen table, bed and the giant sofa bed (that needed to be taken apart at 11pm on a Friday night after one too many drinks and then was the biggest logistical nightmare to get up the tiny stairs of our building) we were very lucky to have Mr F's best friend Owen and brother-in-law-Rob come to help him heave the heavy stuff upstairs which was great as neither myself or Holly the sausage are much use with bulky things.

Since then, we've been lugging over box after bag after box in carloads whenever we can but it's a slow process as we're having to clear out and edit our lives. Okay, maybe not OUR lives, more MY life as it turns out that I have a never ending amount of stuff that I have accumulated over the years.

I am by my own admission a natural born hoarder and at first, the experience was painful but as I've got into it, I've found myself filling sacks for the bin and bags of clothes for the charity shop. The other day, Mr Flatzilla watched as I systematically emptied an entire massive under bed storage box into the charity shop bag after retrieving just two or three items.

This is a short post but over the next few days, I've got plenty to recount - the blinds from hell, blocking off the Pigeon hotel and a whole heap of other stories that I can tell you now that we have a temporary wifi dongle to see us through the internet drought.

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