Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sitting, waiting, watching

This is the annoying part. After a whirlwind of replacing the wiring, plumbing in the bathroom and watching as the kitchen went in, we are now in the achingly slow finishing stages. We are literally watching paint dry and driving around endless branches of B&Q and Homebase in search of the perfect cupboard handles. I should really be in Ikea tonight, buying wardrobe handles but I decided to bunk off, lie on the sofa in front of The Apprentice  and blog instead.

The problem with having virtually all of our storage built in is that, well, it all needed building and then what seems like endless coats of Satinwood paint.

Layer after layer after layer.

And then, after all of the building, we need to repaint the entire flat as everything, including Holly the sausage, is covered in a fine layer of dust:

Originally, we'd planned to be in for Mr Flatzilla's 30th but sadly that came and went last week. Then we hoped to move this weekend but Mr F is off to a festival and I don't think Holly the sausage will be much use dragging a sofa up the stairs.

Fingers crossed for next week.

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