Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The immortal quest for a kitchen

We almost have a kitchen. After six trips to the big blue behemoth and with one more to go, we might actually never have to trek to the dreaded kitchen department of Ikea ever again. Considering that some members of staff now recognize me in all my harassed-face glory, I think it's safe to say that Ikea and I need a break from each other.

It has been a slow process to say the least but then, I guess all of these types of things are, particularly when you are very much a kitchen designing novice as I am.

So, mid-week last week, it looked like this:

Then at the weekend, it looked like this:

The top cupboards won't actually be blue of course, that's just the protective membrane in place, keeping the white cupboards glossy and pristine until the grand unveiling.

There's still bits and pieces to do. The shelves need to go in next to the door, there's another cupboard to hang and the fridge needs to reclaim its rightful place in the lefthand corner as opposed to the living room but we are getting awfully close to having a full and proper working kitchen. Look, we even have working plug sockets now!

Now, if IKEA could just sell me the right bloody pieces instead of the wrong ones as they did on Monday (went in for white finishing plinths, came out with grey gloss skirting boards - thanks, IKEA), we'd be done. Unfortunately, we now have yet another trip to blue and yellow hell planned for tomorrow night. Rocking good times. 

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