Thursday, 25 April 2013

Prepare to be floored, part three

I know I repeatedly say this but I am always amazed when I go round to the flat in the evenings by the progress that's been made that day and to see our selections and ideas come to fruition. All of those months ago when Mr Flatzilla and I spent what seemed like weeks deciding (read: arguing) about what floors to put in finally paid off when I popped in last night to find that the boards were finally going down and soon enough the acoustic boarding that lies underneath would be hidden.

The previous owner who rented it out had put down cheap beige carpet everywhere - including the kitchen (yeah, I know) - which hid the poorly maintained floorboards and did nothing in terms of sound insulation, meaning that the people underneath could hear every word and step which is never fun.

Our deeds stipulated that we too needed to put down carpet but after speaking to the freeholders, they told us that they were happy for us to put down a laminate or wooden floor provided that we could do something to insulate the sound. Talking it through with our builders, they suggested repairing and screwing down the original floorboards which were in a dreadful state, then layering insulating foam, followed by acoustic board (which cuts 80% of noise), followed by more insulating foam and THEN our floorboards. I'm not going to lie, it was an expensive idea but one that has proven worth its weight in gold. Previously, when I'd visit the flat in the evenings I could hear everything going on in the flat below us and now, nothing. Unless, of course, the tenants have buggered off on holiday and there is no noise emitting from them. Who knows.

Anyway, most importantly, we have a floor! Well, at least in our hallway, living room and dressing room.

And yes, some of it is essentially covered with industrial cling film at the moment. Best stuff EVER if you're decorating - the communal hallways are also covered in this to protect the carpets from all of the dust, paint and miscellaneous debris that our renovation has unleashed and unlike dust sheets, it actually stays in place.

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