Friday, 29 March 2013

White space

So, last week I waxed lyrical about what a difference taking down part of the partition wall had made to the space in our kitchen/living room at the front of the flat. When I popped in to see what progress had been made in the next 24 hours, I was pretty blown away.

Not only is the entire bathroom now virtually tiled (I won't bother you with more photos of a tiled wall until it's all done, I promise) but the kitchen/living room has come along in leaps and bounds.

Cleared of much of the random crap that cluttered it up and with the first layer of white paint going up, it looks so different. Like a proper room. I know that people often say what a difference a lick of paint will make and my most recent visit has definitely reinforced this ideal. When we bought the flat, everywhere was painted in what I can only describe as watery custard - definitely closer to yellow dessert goo than the off-white creams and magnolias that are a renter's staple. In the photo below, you can see the contrast between the original colour and the fresh paint:

Wall colours were one of the first heated discussions that Mr Flatzilla and I had many months ago. Mr F was all about an off-white whereas I wanted a pure, brilliant white. It was a never ending to and fro between us, coupled with the constant flooring discussions that ran alongside the debate. Mr F's key argument was that pure white would show up any scuffs (it didn't take long to point out that off-white would also show up scuffs) and that he didn't want to live in a white box - admittedly, I was still set on white washed floors at this point but I had to concede my flooring desires as I didn't want to spend all of my free time sweeping and mopping.

One of the great things about our flat is the huge sash windows that allow the light to flood in. Now that the partition wall is gone, the flat feels light and airy even on the darkest and gloomiest of days -  even when the walls were a mix of bare plaster and custard (above, left on a typical dull grey London day).

Unfortunately by the time I visited last night, it was already dark so I didn't get the full effect but the feeling of space in what was once a pokey flat is unbelievable and I walked around switching our new lights on and off with glee like a mad woman.

The neighbours opposite have no doubt gone from thinking I am a torch-wielding burglar to a lunatic with a love of light switches.

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