Monday, 25 March 2013

Small spaces, part two

So, as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, our flat is quite small. With 48m² for the two of us, plus Holly the sausage (she’s okay, she’s only 9 inches tall), we have to make the space work hard to our advantage.

Certain space saving devices such as pocket doors and built-in storage are a must if we’re to have any chance of not tripping over/killing each other but some furniture you just can’t build in or compromise on such as sofas, tables and chairs.

We’ve been very lucky on the furniture front so far – my mother has donated the very comfortable sofa bed for our living room and Nick, a photographer who I work with regularly has very kindly given us an Ikea PS unit I’d pinned onto the flatzilla board when he had one going spare so we will actually have some freestanding bits and pieces.

However, one piece that troubled us was a dining table. We have very little space to put one in (it will sit between the windows in the front room) so we needed a solution that was adaptable. Scouring the internet high and low for bargains, I finally came across the Fenton table at Debenhams.

Normally, it is 75cm x 80cm but the top folds out to become double the size, going from a two/four person to space for up to six in the blink of an eye and the swing of a hinge.

And the best bit? It’s currently in the sale, down from £400 to £160 for the two toned version that we bought. I plan to paint the oak part a light grey to match the rest of our colour scheme. It’s also available in oak veneer.

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