Wednesday, 27 March 2013

28 days later

So, it's been exactly four weeks since our builders started work and slowly but surely, it's all coming together. The kitchen (well, most of it) is being delivered today although we have another trip to the blue and yellow behemoth planned for this evening - minus the sausage this time - to pick up the last few panels and hopefully a kitchen counter. God knows how we'll get it home but where there's a will, there's a way. I figure if I can get a double bed home in my Beetle, there must be a way to slide a counter in. Admittedly, I will probably be hanging out of the boot clinging on for dear life all the way back from Wembley but certain sacrifices (such as health and safety) must be made when occasion requires it.

Anyway, exciting things are afoot in our bathroom. Our tiles arrived at lunchtime today and the builders set straight to work - by the time I popped in after work, the first rows had gone up in the shower. Look!

Big fat yeay, right there. I never thought tiles would excite me so much but they really do. They excited me even more when I managed to get them for considerably less than I'd estimated. We'd originally planned to put our Tesco clubcard points towards vouchers for Topps Tiles (£1 of Tesco points equals £3 at TT, true fact) but being the slackers that we are, we missed their exchange programme. We couldn't exactly wait until the next one sometime in the summer so I hopped on google to search out other options and came across I actually ended up finding a nicer shade of grey for our kitchen splash back than those stocked by Topps Tiles and the real kicker was that they were also considerably cheaper. While TT charges £22.50 per square metre for white Metro bevelled tiles (20cm x 10cm) , the same tiles were only £15.50 per square metre at TPT and when you're ordering 9 metres, you get a considerable saving - ours was over £60.

For the kitchen, Topps didn't actually do a grey shade as such, more a smoky blue which we weren't really going for but TPT do a lovely soft grey, just what I was looking for and for almost half of the price at £18 per square metre, compared with Topps at £34.50. Again, big savings when you're on a budget.

Basically, I can't recommend TradePriceTiles enough. Their standard delivery took only 2 days to reach us and we could deduct the cost of the sample tiles that we'd previously bought from our order. Two bevelled thumbs up!

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