Thursday, 28 March 2013

24 hours later

Last night entailed yet another epic struggle around IKEA to buy counter tops, plinths and cabinet handles - this time minus Holly the sausage, who decided to vent her fury at us by pooing all over the doormat for our return. Thanks Holly.

However, my mood was decidedly buoyed by the fact that when I popped round to the flat last night, I was greeted by this lovely sight.

Okay, maybe not so lovely yet but its definite progress. My builders are like lightning. Then this morning I get a call from the head builder asking precisely which shade of grout I would like. Considering I hadn't even decided what pants I would be wearing yet it was a bit of a panic stations moment for everyone involved but hopefully we've made the right decision.

Next challenge is a mirror and lighting. And door handles. I never knew so many options existed. I've narrowed it down to five variations of the same style. Mr Flatzilla may kill me.

Oh what a fun weekend we have planned.

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