Thursday, 28 February 2013


Hurrah! It's the end of the month! PAY DAY! Oh, but wait. This payday is a stark reminder of how quickly my life has changed. I have gone from disposable income that I could fritter away on handbags and shoes to having a mortgage, walls that are apparently made of lollipop sticks (read: falling down) and a slightly manic twitch in my left eye.

So, here, broken down for your amusement is a simplified version of what has happened for a formerly frivolous fashion girl:


For anyone who is more interested in handbags than toilets and other bathroom fittings, may I suggest a visit over to The Outnet, where there's currently up to 65% off McQ by Alexander McQueen. This particular handbag can be found here. SOB.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The fun starts here

At 8am this morning I left our current residence and trekked over to the new flat to meet the builders and let them get started on what is essentially gutting our new place. Tools in hand, they marched up the stairs and by the time I left 40 minutes later half the kitchen had been dismantled and was strewn across the floor. Good times.

I thank my lucky stars every day that team Flatzilla don't have to live in a building site and that we are safely tucked up around the corner until the renovations are complete in a few weeks time (hopefully).

Of course, this is only the beginning - equally terrifying and exciting and I know that in a few weeks time I will be shaking my fist at the sky over something or other but until then, let's start as we mean to go on - next stop Ikea-hell to pick a new kitchen.

Like I said, the fun starts here.

Monday, 25 February 2013


Apologies for the radio silence these last few weeks, I started to get superstitious about the whole process after we had a very hairy few weeks where we were worried we would lose the flat after the vendor decided to put it back on the market but I am now very pleased to tell you that we completed on Friday!

Of course, things never run smoothly and we spent the first hour alternating between trying to break into our flat when it emerged that the front door lock was mounted poorly and drinking prosecco on the (very dirty) stairs outside our front door. Eventually our poor, long-suffering estate agent Billy had to come round and essentially force the door open for us. Thanks Billy, we owe you a drink.

So, here we are (a slightly disheveled) Mr Flatzilla and I in our new home. And of course, our mini hairy Flatzilla, Holly the sausage who has been going nuts running around the flat but is best pleased when lying on my coat in the hallway.

It'll be a while before we're actually properly in, as we discovered when we went back round on Saturday with our builder - we need new electrics, a boiler, really the list is endless. Work starts on Wednesday but Mr Flatzilla has already had great fun ripping down rotting trellises and all manner of crap on the lower terrace.

It is still slightly surreal to know that it is ours and ours alone. Of course, I'm sure we'll get a nice big dose of reality when all of the bills start rolling in. Good times.