Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Prepare to be floored - the saga continues

Just when we thought we'd almost reached a conclusion in the saga of choosing a floor, another contender has entered the ring. Step forward, Richmond Oak.

We'd previously discounted Richmond Oak based on our time spent in the aisle of the local branch of Homebase throwing samples around but having seen Chloe Owens' gorgeous flat in a Style at Home feature this weekend, I contacted her via twitter (gotta love social media) to enquire whether Richmond Oak was the flooring she had used after she mentioned it was from Homebase and in the sale in the accompanying article.

When she got back to me the next day and confirmed that it was indeed Richmond Oak (how many times I can I name it in one article?), I was intrigued and dug out my old iPhone snap (above) and studied it with fresh eyes.

That's the problem with flooring - I don't think that seeing one or two planks either in a showroom or indeed in your own home ever really gives you that much of an idea of how it will look across an entire room. Also, the unforgiving overhead strip lighting of Homebase doesn't exactly add any favours to the mix.

So, it's back to the drawing board. Or rather, flooring board.

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