Saturday, 5 January 2013

Climbing the walls (as opposed to painting them)

Happy New Year!

At last, the Christmas period is over and we can start harassing our estate agent, solicitors and all other involved parties again about moving things along again. As much as I loved having time off work, it drove me nuts not being able to do ANYTHING regarding the flat. After our exchange date got pushed back to the last Friday before Christmas, we'd hoped to be able to get our kitchen and bathroom bought in the sales but as we all know, it didn't happen.

Next week we'll reach the point where it will have been THREE MONTHS since our offer was accepted. Everyone who enquires about the flat purchasing process then goes on to tell us their own or a friend's buying horror story. It does little to appease my anxiety but I figure that we must be getting somewhere near the end of the waiting tedium - to say that I am climbing the walls doesn't even cover it but luckily as its the beginning of the month, tomorrow I will have a fresh stack of interiors mags to keep myself busy driving Mr Flatzilla up the wall with.

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