Friday, 28 December 2012

Prepare to be floored

Please forgive the cheesy pun title, the Christmas period does funny things to my head. So, as I have mentioned before, the other week Mr Flatzilla got dragged around Homebase like a good little hostage to look at boring flat related paraphernalia including flooring.

While there is still hope that underneath the carpets in the flat there will be nice floorboards (I am an optimist at heart), we are preparing ourselves for the very real possibility that there will be chipboard, lino or worse. Being non-carpet dwellers, we'd really like wooden floors but as I have mentioned, cost is a big issue for us so we're going with laminate.

I've had laminate flooring from good old John Lewis that has lasted 15 years now and these days, you can get such a good selection and quality at fairly low prices that it seemed like the brainless solution to our flooring needs.

What we didn't bargain on is the very serious discussion that then took place in aisle 15 of Homebase. While we agree on most things, the colour of our future floor has become quite the bone of contention for our tiny flat. Mr Flatzilla likes the look of dark floors, while I am of a lighter disposition, favouring whites and bleached wood. With only 48sqm internally to our names, we have come to the agreement that perhaps a dark wood floor will have to be saved for property number two, somewhere down the line when we have more space and can afford actual proper wooden flooring, such is my despair at the prospect of scratching dark wood laminate.

So, standing in the aisles of Homebase, we proceeded to pull out all of the sample panels of the wood we liked, place them on the floor and then stood over them much to the amusement of passersby as we tried to imagine how they would look in our flat.

Of course, no actual decision was made as we would need to cart said aforementioned samples to the flat to test them out in the light but we gleaned quite a lot from our 20 minute sojourn to the flooring department. Namely, that picking laminate flooring is very, very tricky.

So, the above image shows the four that we've currently shortlisted, along with the colours that we're thinking about for our bijoux kitchen/living/dining room. Which do you prefer?

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