Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New day, new obsession

Another day off work, another day spent bumming around on interiors sites and pinterest. I've been coming back to this image of a pocket door for a while now as it would potentially solve several door/space issues that we face in our new flat plus I'm really into the grey/white/lime colour scheme of this kitchen.

I didn't actually know that they were called pocket doors (I just called them sliding doors), nor that there are several variations on the ways that they can be mounted (inside the wall, outside the wall etc) until recently but for today, several variations have become the latest addition to the Flatzilla pinterest board.

We have a very small budget for what is essentially quite a bit of work that needs doing (bathroom, kitchen, flooring, windows etc) so I'm putting this out there, has anyone ever installed a pocket door DIY-style? I've found kits online but I'm weary of ripping out chunks of wall ourselves.

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