Saturday, 15 December 2012


We're still in contract-limbo hell. Will we ever exchange and complete before Christmas? Despite constant calls between all of the parties involved, we're yet to sign anything or even lay eyes on a bit of paper.

In the meantime, my eBay habits have changed somewhat drastically. Whereas previously they read something along the lines of 'Marc Jacobs, mascara, handbag', my most recently viewed items now lists tiles, chairs and extractor fans; my weekend reading has switched from Vogue and Grazia to the large stack of interiors mags that I constantly rip pages out of and wave at my boyfriend, much to his annoyance.

He has, however, started taking an interest in the constant barrage of flooring and kitchen cabinets that I have been boring him with for the last few weeks. And there have been some long discussions about what to do with our ridiculously weird bathroom.

Baby steps.

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